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Silver Speaks - Form Exhibition

Tooke is proud to have his work selected for this group exhibition organised by Contemporary British Silversmiths. The spoon featured here is the first of three pieces Tooke made for this exhibition. Sadly the second and third spoons were not completed in time for photography. The theme throughout the three pieces starts with a small spoon bowl and one cornelian set at the palm end of the shank, then the second spoon features a larger bowl and has twin shanks and therefore 2 cornelians and third spoon has the largest bowl of all and the shank has two smaller shanks sprouting from the main one therefore affording three cornelians. Due to the colour and arrangement of the stones Tooke decided to call these pieces Clementine. The Form exhibition is at the Goldsmiths' centre and started on 1st June 2016 and finishes on 23rd September 2016. For more information please go to

Published on Jun 15th 2016 in Exhibitions

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Crosier for the Bishop of Sheffield

Stefan Tooke is honoured to be commissioned to make a new crosier for the Bishop of Sheffield Steven Croft. This piece celebrates jointly the centenary of Harry Brearley's discovery of stainless steel in 2013 and the centenary of the Sheffield Cathedral which was elevated from parish church status when the new diocese was created in 1914. This work was designed and made in partnership with Nick Palmer, and was completed in the spring of 2014 in time for centenary services held at Sheffield Cathedral. Bishop Steven Croft is delighted to take it with him throughout the diocese when visiting other churches. 

See more of Nick Palmer's work.




Published on Oct 18th 2013 in Commissions

Sauce Ladle "Little Gems"

The opportunity to win this commission presented itself while Tooke took part in a two year Starter Studio programme for emerging designer silversmiths, which is run by Yorkshire Art Space at Persistence Works, Sheffield.

Tooke is grateful to Sheffield Assay Office for funding this work and to Museums Sheffield for hosting this work between November 2009 and May 2010.

Tooke's fascination with spoons and interest in forging led him to design and make this sauce ladle. Aside from suggesting a fluidity of form (which is and has been a theme of his work for a while), the design also has practical benefits. The self supporting form of the handle keeps the contents of the ladle bowl safely upright, thus negating the need for a separate vessel. The ladle bowl could be filled with raspberry coulis for drizzling on a dessert. Also, the sweep of the handle allows the ladle to be used in conjunction with a larger vessel, for soup or stew perhaps.

This work is held in the Museums Sheffield collection of metalwork.

Published on Jun 22nd 2013 in Commissions

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Sustainability Commission

Tooke's design was selected from a group of designer/makers who all sought to win “The Sustainability Commission Award 2009” from Ruskin Mill Educational Trust, supported by the Arts Council, Galvanise Sheffield festival of Contemporary Metal, and Freeman college.

The body of the piece Tooke forged from copper bar, one of the most recycled metals. This round bar started off an 25mm diameter and 30cm long, and ended up (before Tooke started bending it) over a 1m long and tapering from 25mm to 6mm. He saw pierced and malleted the petals from entirely recycled sterling silver sheet (supplied by Greg Valerio, a pioneer in the fair trade, ecologically responsible movement in the jewellery industry. Valerio is introducing the world’s first fair trade gold into the market in the UK.) The buttons in the centres of each of the flowers are gold plated sterling silver.

It fits closely into 300mm cube.

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Published on Jul 22nd 2009 in Commissions

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